Our Programs

What We Do

Our programs are focussed on male and female Aboriginal students across South Australia. 

We seek to build and enhance the wellbeing, cultural resilience, school retention and employment prospects of those who participate in our programs.

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Our Pillars

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Cultural Education Trust

Enabling cultural educators in South Australian schools to deliver cultural camps and activities to Aboriginal students via grants.

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Engagement Programs

Engaging young people in remote middle years programs and providing pathways for students with academic and sporting prowess.

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Cultural Awareness

Delivering cultural awareness workshops to businesses, schools and agencies to improve the collective knowledge of Aboriginal culture and fostering two-way cultural sharing.

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An elite football program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, incorporating industry-leading physical and skills training, leadership opportunities, school support and the chance to represent the Tjindu name across SA and Australia.

Providing a best-in-class education support and cultural engagement program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people living in South Australia, Tjindu STRONG works with children and families to teach resilience, cultural identity and pride, and the importance of school-based education.

Young Aboriginal student at Tjindu STRONG event
Aboriginal cultural awareness workshop training by speaker Paul Vandenbergh in kakadu

Cultural Awareness Workshops

Delivered in South Australian businesses, Cultural Awareness Workshops see Tjindu staff engage workplaces to improve cultural awareness and literacy for non-First Nations peoples, ensuring safe, respectful and empowered workplaces for Aboriginal people exiting the education system into employment.

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Program Partners

The Tjindu Foundation thanks the following Program Partners for their support. If you are interested in partnering with the academy, please contact us.

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