Cultural Awareness Training Workshops

About Cultural Awareness Training

The Tjindu Foundation facilitates Cultural Awareness Training Workshops to connect non-First Nations Australians to traditional culture, language and history.

Organisations across Adelaide and South Australia can enhance their cultural awareness and understanding of Aboriginal language groups, their cultures and history through our immersive, open and inclusive workshops.

Through a shared understanding of pre and post-colonial Aboriginal history, our Cultural Awareness Training Workshops are designed to guide our shared community towards meaningful reconciliation.



Improving awareness of Aboriginal history, culture, people and communities among non-First Nations peoples.


Our Complete Cultural Awareness Workshop encourages participation in cultural practices, including sharing traditional food and outdoor activities. 

Program Itinerary

Cultural Awareness Training Workshops are designed to provide an honest, meaningful and positive educational seminar ideal for corporate environments, conducted by First Nations peoples from South Australian language groups. Workshops are interactive and consist of discussion points including:


$ 100 Plus GST, Per participant
  • Minimum 15, Maximum 40 participants
  • 3.5 hours (9:30am-1:00pm + break)
  • Venue as arranged by organiation
  • Dress code: comfortable work casual attire
  • Core Workshop Program

Tjindu recommends Something Wild for all event and Cultural Awareness Catering needs.

Located in the Central Markets in Adelaide, Something Wild is a First Nations’ owned food and beverage company.

Accompanying this quote are two different catering and lunch menus. This can be ordered directly through contacting Alice Frazer, Operations Manager on 0452-466-252 or via


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