Reconciliation Action Plans

About Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP)

The Tjindu Foundation provides Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) consultancy services to organisations across South Australia. 

RAPs are commitments by organisations to advance the principles of reconciliation  Рrelationships, respect and opportunities Рwithin their business. They benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by increasing economic equity and supporting First Nations self-determination.

In combination with our work delivering best-practice cultural awareness workshops, our RAP consultancy services allow government, private and community sector organisations to build their cultural knowledge and develop culturally aware and respectful environments for First Nations employees.

Reconciliation Action Plans are administered nationally by Reconciliation Australia.



RAPs provide the framework to create culturally sensitive places for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to live and work.


Encouraging participation in cultural practices, including sharing traditional food and outdoor activities.

Our RAP clients

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If you are interested in the Tjindu Foundation consulting on your organisation’s RAP please contact us.

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