Our Purpose

The Tjindu Foundation creates positive, long-term change for Aboriginal children in communities across South Australia through cultural education and success in schooling that enables them to become future leaders.

For many Aboriginal language groups across South Australia, Tjindu (pronounced Jin-Doo) is the word for the sun, or sunshine. 

Tjindu encapsulates the intent of our foundation to help Aboriginal children and young people grow, develop and shine brightly as our future leaders.

As a not-for-profit, modern, Aboriginal child and young-person centred organisation, our mission is to cultivate cultural and community wellbeing in South Australia through:

Delivering community-based cultural education activities for Aboriginal students across South Australia, and centering success and excellence for Aboriginal secondary students by providing innovative sporting, leadership, and health and wellbeing initiatives to ensure better education and employment prospects.

We are supported by key government stakeholders and corporate partners to deliver our programs across South Australia.

Core Purpose

Tjindu Foundation sun emblem

Better education and employment

Working with partner schools and educators, the Tjindu Foundation provides Aboriginal families and young people with greater choice and access to quality education, and shapes pathways to sustainable employment.

Tjindu Foundation sun emblem

Connecting young people to culture

We work with Aboriginal communities and cultural educators to help Aboriginal students learn and connect to Aboriginal culture and identity, and celebrate Aboriginal identity in the twenty-first century.

Tjindu Foundation sun emblem

Health and wellbeing outcomes

Leveraging education and sport, the Tjindu Foundation ensures Aboriginal students have access to health and wellbeing services including GP health check-ups, counselling and cultural wellbeing programs.

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