Tjindu delivers cultural awareness training to over 1000 SA workers

St Michael's College staff at Tjindu Foundation cultural awareness training

The Tjindu Foundation has reached the middle of 2022 having delivered its industry-leading Cultural Awareness Workshops to well over 1000 South Australians in workplaces across the state.

Among those organisations welcoming the Tjindu Foundation to deliver workshops are RAA, BHP, SA Water, South Australian Cricket Association, Adelaide Campus Children’s Centre (University of Adelaide), EnergyAustralia, Baptist Care, ComwireIT, Suez, Foodbank, Fulton Hogan, the Construction Industry Training Board, SynergyIQ, Adelaide Roller Derby, Attorney-General’s Department, Job Prospects, the Office for Architecture in SA, St Michaels College and Beach Energy.

Since establishing at the beginning of last year, the Tjindu Foundation has delivered cultural awareness workshops to around 2000 people.

Tjindu’s cultural awareness facilitates understanding of Aboriginal history and current impacts

Delivered on-premises or via online webinars, the Cultural Awareness Workshops delivered by the Tjindu team enrich non-Indigenous understanding of Aboriginal history and contemporary affairs in South Australia.

Providing a platform for honest, meaningful, and positive cultural understanding for adults has been one of the key platform pillars of the Tjindu Foundation since being established in 2021.

“Without doubt, the most important feedback we continue to receive from organisations is the value non-Aboriginal people have attained by being stepped through the history of Aboriginal language groups prior to British colonisation and the historic and present-day impacts that have been endured by language groups across this continent,” says Tjindu Foundation general manager Kellie Graves.

“We continue to develop our Cultural Awareness Workshops to be engaging, educational and impactful experiences for participants, who join us on a journey through challenging and confronting conversations delivered in a safe and constructive way.”

The Tjindu Foundation offers two packages for organisations wishing to engage in cultural awareness, with standard packages for 15-40 participants, or a full package incorporating traditional food and participation in cultural practices.

“Emotional and personal”: BHP’s Olympic Dam leaders gain insight into Aboriginal history and culture

Leaders at BHP’s Olympic Dam site recently participated in Tjindu’s Cultural Awareness Workshops as part of the organisation’s efforts training personnel to work effectively with Indigenous employees.

“The team at Tjindu are tireless professionals who work to ensure every session is impactful, inclusive and dynamic,” says Andrea Kean, BHP’s Asset Training Manager.

“BHP intends to continue working with the Tjindu team on this important cultural awareness initiative so we can continue to foster productive relationships with our Indigenous communities.”

For more detail about Tjindu Foundation Cultural Awareness Workshops and to book a session for your business or organisation, view our information page or contact the team.

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