Tjindu Strong back on the road

It’s been a big start to the year for the Tjindu STRONG program with Wade Thompson and I heading to the Far West Coast to deliver our programs to community schools. 

It’s a long trip of about 980km from Adelaide to Yalata, where we visited our first classrooms at the Yalata Anangu School, where students in these sessions worked on the Family and Healthy Relationships module in their Tjindu STRONG education booklets.

This module asks students to share their views on what makes a healthy relationships – not just at home, but with their teachers and community as well. We also spoke with senior school students about what opportunities exist for them in Adelaide, including linkages to our Aboriginal AFL Academy and further education at university and TAFE.

As part of these trips, we bring along packs of Tjindu footies, water bottles and hats as incentives for students who complete their program booklets and engage in public speaking. This simple act is an important step towards students showcasing their leadership qualities.

Far West Coast Trip – (27th March – 29th March) Tjindu Strong team travelled to Yalata Anangu School (980km Adelaide to Yalata), students worked on education booklet with the module on Family & Healthy Relationships sharing details on what makes healthy relationships, and this applies with their peers, teachers, and community. Tjindu Strong spoke with the senior students about opportunities in Adelaide, linkages to the Tjindu Aboriginal AFL Academy and further education (University & TAFE). Incentives of Tjindu footballs, water bottles and hats were provided to students engaging in public speaking, showcasing leadership qualities and booklet completion.

Tjindu Strong team were unable to go to Oak Valley Anangu School due to Rex Airlines leaving equipment in Adelaide, this included the satellite phone, was deemed to high risk to travel the long distance to Oak Valley without appropriate safety equipment.

Unfortunately due to some logistical issues, we were unable to visit Oak Valley Anangu School this time, but look forward to catching up with our friends and communities there later in the year.

In the meantime, the Tjindu STRONG program is switching its focus towards our Term 2 trip back to the APY Lands – another long-haul voyage but one where Wade, our teachers and I always feel welcome.

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