About Tjindu STRONG

The Tjindu STRONG program has been developed for Aboriginal students in remote communities.

This program encouragers students to develop and tap into their mental, physical, emotional and cultural strength through making smart choices in life supported by guided discussion.

Tjindu Foundation staff use real life experiences to connect with students and engage on core program curriculum. 

Unique to Tjindu STRONG is the delivery of cultural identity programs where students are enabled to express who they are, where they come from and to share their identity.

Our purpose of this program is in the name: Strength, Trust, Respect, No Shame, Optimism and Gratitude. These are the values and structures that Tjindu STRONG is centred on. 


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Delivery of Tjindu STRONG in APY Lands and Far West Coast

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Getting young people to school with an attendance rate of 80%

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Improving educational outcomes including Year 12 attainment

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Improving transition to higher education, vocational training and/or employment​

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Helping families give kids a good start in life with better early childhood development, care, education and school readiness​.

Program Itinerary

Lessons delivered as part of the Tjindu STRONG Program include:
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Community Delivery

Tjindu STRONG is delivered in 11 remote communities across South Australia:

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Program Partners​

If you are interested in supporting or partnering with the Tjindu Foundation’s Tjindu STRONG program please contact us.